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From beginner trails to double-black diamond downhills, hand-built singletrack to machine crafted flow; with over 50km of trail dropping from 800m, Mystic Park is one of the most diverse MTB parks in the country.

Our park is also unique: it's located within an active regenerative pine plantation run by HVP Plantations. But HVP don't run the park, and they don't receive an income from it. In short, they let us in to have fun in their workplace every day provided our community runs the park in a safe and responsible way and works in with their operations. To do that, HVP Plantations, Alpine Shire Council, the Alpine Cycling Club, the North East Victoria Hang Gliding Club and the Bright & District Chamber of Commerce all sat down in 2013 and formed the independent not-for-profit community group Alpine Community Plantation (ACP). HVP licenced ACP to oversee the management of recreational activities within their plantation estate, with ACP taking on the responsibility of overseeing the governance and risk management required to formalise the mountain bike trails. Each of the above groups have a seat on the ACP Board to guide the future of the organisation, and all volunteer their time to the cause.

But ACP doesn't act alone. While ACP oversees Mystic's land management needs, it works closely with the Alpine Cycling Club to mange the mountain bike trail network. The Alpine Cycling Club has designed, built and maintained the vast majority of Mystic's trail network, including the infamous Mystic DH, and ACP has assisted by delivering more recent flow additions like Hero and Shred Kelly's Last Stand through government funding. Club volunteers have dedicated countless hours to looking after the trails, increasingly so with a rise in popularity of the trail network. As the trail maintenance demands increase on our small crew of dedicated volunteers, ACP has been developing ways to fund and support the park's overall maintenance needs.

Mystic is responsible for funding its own operations, from road maintenance, event management, trail building machine works and staffing. Our independent and not-for-profit status ensures that revenue streams that come into the park, such as through the shuttle services and road access, go back into covering the costs of running the facility and the ongoing development of our trails for the future.


Mystic has come a long way since 2013, and indeed, even further since the Hero Trail opened in December 2016. Your support will help ensure we continue to grow and deliver even better ride experiences into the future.


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ACP is an indepentent partnership between the following groups:


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Bright and District Chamber of Commerce
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