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All trails are constructed in Mystic shared space.  Our trails are built and cared for by the Alpine Cycling Club and our ACP park staff. All construction considers a Masterplan that works with other park users, and our neighbouring residents who live in the foothills.

Trail building involves many considerations and must follow correct approval procedures.

Want to build a trail at mystic mtb park?:

Have a Think about how your new trail will improve the overall network and riding experience.

Thinking about how your new trail improves the experience for riders and the Masterplan in the early stages of planning makes sure that we’re all working towards the same end goal.   You’ll need to include this info in your trail application form – email the Club’s Planning Coordinator to get a copy. The Masterplan isn’t a blue print or a construction plan, but it does give us a road map to follow - a hard copy of the Masterplan is available for viewing at all Alpine Cycling Club meetings. 

Work out whether you have the skills and experience to lead the trail building crew?

Skills and experience include completing an IMBA or MTBA trail building course or having the ability to ride and preferably compete on the new trails. If not, that’s ok - there are lots of people in the Club with a huge amount of experience in trail building if you’re unsure perhaps ask them to be involved.

Walk your proposed alignment and send the gpx file & trail request form to ACP for approval.

This won’t be the final alignment but it will mean that ACP can make map that provides an overview of the proposed area including connections to existing trails which can be useful in planning sessions.  It will also mean ACP can identify which land managers and stakeholders need to be involved and also when future forest operations are likely to happen.

Get Start building  - work with the tracks works coordinator to set up a working bee.

Key stakeholders might include; DELWP, NEVHGC, HVP Plantations, Alpine Shire Council, North East Water Catchment Management Authority.  When ACP let you know if the request has been approved they will also let the key stakeholders and land managers know so that you can get straight into the detailed design.

As part of the approval process ACP will work with key stakeholders to work out if there are any special conditions or land management considerations like future forest operations or to trail building.

Email the Clubs Planning Coordinator to set up a Session with the Club’s Planning Coordinator.  This will make sure that you allow enough time for planning and give all Club members have a chance to provide input into the design and the build of the trails.  Not everyone will want to but it’s important they get the chance.

ITS important to Getting different people involved in the detailed design process as makes for a better trail in the end. Work with the CLUB’s planning coordinator to set up a club planning session.

Once works are complete you need to do an inspection an authorised club representative to make sure the trail has been built in a sustainable manner and that it is safe to ride. Once that occurs let acp know that it is ready for opening so that signage and maps can be organised.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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