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Trails you can ride without Mystic membership

The following trails are outside of the working commercial pine plantation so don't require membership to access. 

These trails are ideal for warming up before climbing, learning MTB skills for kids and beginners or a quick pedal in between other Bright activities. 

While these areas are free to ride, it is advised all riders still:

Our friends at Dinner Plain and Mount Beauty offer membership free riding at their MTB parks. 


Enter from McFadyens Lane (off Bakers Gully Road) or Ballroom Court:

  • Ballroom Blitz

  • Gold Rush

  • Grate Expectations

  • Huggins Downhill

  • Switchbacks

  • Rolling Thunder

Free Trails - Huggins.png
Free Trails - Bakers Gully.png

Bakers Gully

Enter and exit from Bakers Gully Road:

  • 24 Sycamo

  • Steves Super Highway

Skills Park

<< North of Coronation Avenue, same side as Trailhead and Car Park >>

Enter and exit from Coronation Avenue, Churchill Avenue, Cobden Street or Wandi Walk along Morses Creek

  • Roger Packham Track

  • Hot Wheels

  • Pump Track

  • Jumps Park

  • Rock Ya Shox

  • Highway

Free Trails - Skills Park.png
Free Trails - Morses Creek.png

Morses Creek

<< South of Coronation Avenue, bottom of the mountain along the creek >>

Enter from Dougherty's Bridge on Coronation Avenue or Morses Creek Road

  • Flying Solo

  • Rapids

  • Wombats Lair

  • Rollercoaster

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