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Get your Membership through Hivepass app

Mystic Park are running memberships through Hivepass app. Hivepass app will need to be installed and logged in on your phone to show your proof of membership. Hivepass offers:

  • Membership from date of purchase

  • Digital membership card

  • Check your membership plan and expiry date

  • Deals and discounts from local businesses


You can now purchase 12-month memberships or short-term passes as gift vouchers from Mystic Bike Park HERE

Simply select the gift voucher that suits your favourite rider, check out, and you’ll receive the gift codes via email, complete with instructions on how to redeem them for a wild ride at Mystic.


Install HIvepass


Create your account


Agree to Waiver


Open Hivepass


Choose your plan


Pay by Credit Card

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Join Mystic Park


Allow notifications for instant updates to trails


Congratulations for becoming a Mystic Park member

  • How is Mystic Park in Bright unique from other MTB parks around Australia?
    Contrary to common belief, Mystic Park is not located on land freely available for public recreation. The Park is situated on private land primarily managed for commercial timber production, with forest activities and operations happening every day. Community access to the plantations is made possible only through the goodwill of HVP. HVP has contributed significantly over the years.
  • Why are you introducing a pay-to-play membership?
    The future of Mystic Park depends on its ability to maintain a safe environment with well-maintained trails. Awesome trails, dedicated park staff and clear signage require significant investment. Everyone needs to help us with this and the new Mystic Park Membership is your way to contribute. have written an excellent summary on 'How did we get here' Alpine Community Plantation was formed in 2014 to coordinate, manage and promote safe and appropriate community use of Hancock Victorian Plantations (HVP) land situated within the Alpine Shire. Over the years since formation, the park has steadily increased in popularity and the demands on ACP have outgrown its original concept. The summer of 2021-22 has delivered more park visitors than any previous year. This sudden and intense park usage has significantly increased the demands on the park, and on ACP as an organisation. The increased visitation experienced last season pushed the previous operating model beyond what was sustainable, which relied heavily on volunteers providing maintenance. ​ As a result, the cost of maintaining and operating the park through the 2023 financial year is forecast to significantly exceed the revenue generated. ​ Key risk areas involving maintenance work and signage, are unable to be funded through ACP and without notable ongoing investment. To enable a sustainable future for the Park, ACP has obligations for ongoing financial viability and sound operational management. ​ Membership will enable ongoing maintenance of existing trails, building of new trails to replace those lost to harvest, management of vehicle numbers in the park, resources to work with event organisers, better communication of park disruptions and signage to make navigating the park easier. ​ Membership also facilitates the completion of a waiver for each park user. This protects our land managers and facilitates a future for the mountain bike park.
  • Can I get a refund due to bad weather?
    No. Given you can select and move your advance purchase date, there should be no reason to cancel your membership due to bad weather. Please check the BOM weather forecast for your ride dates and choose a membership plan that gives you the best experience. There is no limit on memberships (it won't sell out) so you can buy it when you know for sure you can use it on the day just before you head out for your ride.
  • How was the membership pricing determined?
    The price point has been developed to provide the revenue required to continue to keep Mystic Park open, balanced against affordability.
  • Why can't the council pay for the park?
    A sustainable future for the park is dependent on contribution from those who directly benefit from the park. Relying on grants is a short-term solution. It’s easy to forget that not all rate-payers use the park. However, Council is reviewing the long term options for mountain biking in Bright in recognition of the contribution it makes to the local economy and its social benefit to residents.
  • When is the membership activated?
    Annual memberships are activated as soon as you purchase them. Daily or fortnightly passes can be purchased up to 3 months in advance. You will nominate an activation start date as part of the purchasing process. You can change the start date up until the day you have nominated. Once the membership has been activated, you cannot change the start date. If you have accidentally activated your membership for the wrong date, please submit a request for a refund on the incorrect membership via the Contact Us form. Due to our very small team, refund processing can take up to 2-3 weeks. In the meantime, you will have to buy another membership for the correct date.
  • Can I purchase membership in advance?
    If you are purchasing daily or 2 week passes then you you can pick which date you would like the pass to start on up to 3 months in advance. You can continue to change the start date up until the day of your nominated start date. Annual memberships will start on the day that you purchase them on.
  • I bought my membership pass for the wrong date or I want to transfer it to someone else - how do I do this?
    You cannot transfer your membership to another person. Hivepass allows you to purchase single-day & 2 week passes up to 3 months in advance. Simply select the date you'd like the pass to start on when purchasing your pass. Should your plans change and you need to alter the start date, you can do so within your Hivepass app (provided the start date has not passed). If you have accidentally activated your membership for the wrong date, please submit a request for a refund on the incorrect membership via the Contact Us form. Due to our very small team, refund processing can take up to 2-3 weeks. In the meantime, you will have to buy another membership for the correct date.
  • Why is Mount Beauty Mountain Bike Park free but not Mystic?
    The Mount Beauty trails are not within an operational plantation and therefore do not require the same level of management as trails within an operational harvesting site. Mount Beauty’s visitation levels are also not at the same level as Mystic’s, which is largely responsible for the level of maintenance required.
  • How are Alpine Cycling Club members being recognised for the club's contribution to the Park?
    ACP recognise and gratefully acknowledge that the trails that attract riders to Mystic are largely the result of the work of dedicated local volunteers over many years. ACC Members should reach out to the club for more information on how club members’ contributions are being recognised. Further information about Mystic Membership for ACC members can be found on the ACC Mystic Park page.
  • Is there a kid's price?
    Kids under 15 can be added to a family membership. Riders over the age of 15 require their own individual membership.
  • What if we need an individual kid's membership?
    We understand that sometimes only 1 member of the family wants to ride and often they are kids, which is why we have a Youth Membership for riders 17 years and under.
  • How do my kids/youth prove their membership without a mobile phone?
    Parents can show a mobile phone / Hivepass membership card at the Blue Dirt check-in tent. Blue Dirt will then issue the relevant parties a Blue Dirt wristband for the day, meaning they don't have to prove their Mystic membership again for the rest of the day.
  • Can I add more people to my family membership?
    The base Family Membership has been designed to ensure that single parent families (or those with only 1 parent who rides) don’t pay a premium. If both parents ride we are offering a significant discount to add another parent for $45. We believe our price that covers up to 4 kids is fair. If you need to add more kids we recommend creating another family membership with the second parent.
  • I want to bring school students into the park for an excursion. How does membership work for school groups?
    To get started with your excursion planning, please refer to the Mystic trail map to work out if you'll be riding on membership trails vs free trails. If your itinerary accesses any paid trails, everyone in your group is required to hold an active Mystic membership which comes with a waiver form and agreement that must be digitally signed before riding in Mystic Park. Each parent/student organises their own membership via the Hivepass app as each parent/student needs to agree to their own waiver form and arrange individual payment. Then in the morning of the excursion, teachers can check for membership is valid for their excursion date via Hivepass's digital membership card in the app. If the school wants to absorb the waiver and responsibility on behalf of all the students (e.g. school will have its own permission forms signed by parent/guardian), then the school can purchase a Single Day Group membership which can hold a maximum of 100 people. This also allows the school to make a group payment. To help keep Mystic Park admin streamlined, all memberships must go through Hivepass (credit card payment). There are no invoicing or bank transfers available for Mystic Park memberships.
  • Do trail runners and hikers need membership?
    Yes. Everyone accessing the park will need to accept the conditions of the waiver, code of conduct and accept the risks of using the Park prior to entry. We have worked with trail running and hiking groups to determine the best solution for these users, with a price point proportional to the maintenance load they generate. Get your 'On Foot membership' on Hivepass today. See what trails hikers and runners are allowed on
  • Do I need a membership per bike?
    No. The membership is assigned to one person, no matter what or how many bikes you have in your quiver.
  • Are shuttles included in the Memberships?
    No. You need to purchase Shuttle tickets separately in addition to your Mystic Park Membership. Please refer to the Membership page to see which membership types can be used on shuttles.
  • Do I need to be a member to ride commercial shuttles?
    Yes, Commercial Shuttle operators will be required to check your Digital Membership Card on your Hivepass app before validating your ticket. Screenshots will not be accepted. All memberships, apart from the Single Day (Same Day) Pedal-In and On-Foot Membership, are valid for use with Shuttles.
  • The shuttle membership is a big addition to my shuttle ticket. How is this fair?
    Shuttle riders inflict more wear and tear on the road and trails than pedal-in riders. They use vehicles and they can fit more runs in per day.
  • I would like to donate more. How do I do this?
    Your donation would be greatly appreciated! When you purchase a membership you will be provided an option to make an additional donation, on top of your membership fee.
  • Does my membership mean Mystic Park will stay open beyond 2022/2023 summer season?
    The success of this operational model this season will determine the future of the Park. The best way to ensure the park stays open is to respect the park and your access to its trails and support it with membership.
  • I already have a bike membership. Do I need another membership to run/walk/hike at Mystic?
    No you don't. The standard Mystic Park membership covers all recreational activities: riding, walking, hiking and running. For more details on what each membership gives you, check out Please note that there is a seperate Code of Conduct for walkers/hikers/runners that you must follow.
  • How can I have my opinion heard about the pay-to-play membership model?
    We welcome your feedback and ask you to use our Mystic Park Opinion Survey to have your say. Surveys allow us to collate all feedback and monitor community responses to future developments within the park.
  • Can I purchase a Mystic membership as a gift?
    Yes you can. Go to the Mystic Membership Gift Voucher Online Store
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