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With the country moving to the next level of restrictions in the fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus, Mystic Park in conjunction with the Alpine Cycling Club and the North East Victoria Hang Gliding Club, is closing all shuttle activity, private vehicle access and flight activity at Mystic, effective immediately.

We ask for your cooperation during this difficult time to stop the spread of the virus. All road access gates will be shut and trespassers may be prosecuted.

Trails open for exercise only

The mountain bike trails remain open for local riders to get their daily exercise, keeping within government guidelines. Riders must not ride or congregate in groups larger than two people, unless you are a household group, and strict social distancing of two metres must be practiced.

If you are feeling unwell or have any flu-like symptoms - even if they are mild - do not under any circumstance visit the park. Stay home and phone the Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080 for advice.

And please take care on the trails. Now is not the time to take risks and injure yourself as our medical systems are becoming more overwhelmed by the day.

We discourage anyone from outside our area from travelling to our town to ride. Please follow government advice and stay in your home town until this pandemic has subsided as travelling outside your area is what is helping this virus to spread.

We look forward to the day when we can welcome you all back, and yeah, when the time is right, it's going to be one awesome party. Until then, we must all do the right thing to get through this.

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time. Stay well.

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