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Around the globe, communities are doing their bit to help reduce and prevent the growing number of deaths caused by the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19, and here at Mystic, we're doing our bit too. COVID-19 is extremely contagious, and sadly, 1% of people who contract it won't survive. That may not sound like much, but a vaccine is not likely to be widely distributed until 2021; if Australia can make it through winter and the rest of 2020 with just 20% of our population infected, experts estimate 50,000 lives will be lost. That's a lot of Australians, and chances are you'll know one of them. So while 99% of us, particularly the fit and healthy, aren't personally worried about dying from this virus, the thought that we may pass it on to someone who does is enough to take this outbreak very seriously.

What we are doing at Mystic

The good news is, Mystic can remain open. Our trails wind through a lovely big pine forest with fresh air and plenty of room to keep your distance from other mountain bikers. We believe that staying fit and healthy during this time is extremely important and we encourage you to come for a ride. However, until our country is given a clean bill of health, we ask that all visitors to Mystic observe the following:

  • Do not visit the park or use our shuttle service if you have any symptoms of cough, cold, sore throat or fever. Likewise, if you have been in close contact with a sick person, please just take one for the team and stay home. Anyone who is visibly sick will be asked to leave by our staff.

  • All visitors should maintain, wherever possible, a social distance of 2 metres from other park users, including in car parks and shuttle drop zones.

  • For those with private vehicle entry, please purchase your tickets online prior to arrival and hold your tickets up for the staff at the gate to see.

  • For your own safety, avoid touching or using other people's belongings.

  • Please only use your own water bottle.

  • If you do need to cough or sneeze, please follow best practice and do so into your sleeve.

  • Keep your gloves on and wash them after use.

  • Washing your hands well for 20 seconds with soap is the best way to remove any contagion. Hand sanitizer is the next best thing. Wash basins are located at the Mystic Flight Park and Pioneer Park, Bright.

Public shuttle bus service


Blue Dirt Mountain Biking will continue to run public shuttles each weekend and over the Easter long weekend, but with some changes to the service. Fewer people will be allowed per vehicle, and vehicles will be sanitized twice a day. Please wear your gloves at all times, load your own bike onto the trailer and be mindful of other people's personal space inside the shuttles and at the shuttle pick-up and drop-off zones. Follow instructions from Blue Dirt staff at all times. More information is available via Blue Dirt. Due to limited capacity during this time, bookings are highly recommended.

Private vehicle entry

Private vehicle entry tickets remain available at Mystic each day of the week and are a great option to shuttle your group privately while maintaining a good social distance from others. Tickets are limited to prevent overcrowding. Pricing ranges from $25-$132. Full information is available on our Shuttle Tickets page.


Please note, we continue to follow government advice regarding COVID-19 and operate within these bounds. Due to the rapidly changing situation, this advice may change. Please check back regularly if you are planning to visit.

You can find out more about COVID-19 on the Department of Human Services website.

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