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Trail closures and park changes in February, March and April 2023

Mystic Park mountain bike park is located on a working pine plantation licensed to Alpine Community Plantation by HVP Plantations.

HVP are conducting harvesting and haulage in Croft Gully, Wandiligong in late February through to early April, which means loaded log trucks will be driving through Mystic Park more frequently.


Robinson Rd and Moran Rd will be used at different stages of the haulage operation, with both routes connecting with Mystic Lane to enter and exit the plantation. 

For more information on the HVP Croft Gully harvesting, refer to


Changes to Park Operations and Trail Conditions on Haulage Days

Log trucks are incredibly heavy, making it hard to stop quickly or easily, especially when going downhill. To keep riders safe and Mystic Park open, ACP are making changes to the park operations and trail conditions on haulage days.

Haulage Maps & Calendars

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