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Hire and Parts

Before you start riding

1 / Have you got the right gear?

Have you got an appropriate bike, helmet, appropriate footwear/clothing and protective pads?

Always wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear. Full face helmets are highly recommended for any down hill trails. 

Be self-sufficient at all times, keep your equipment in good repair, and carry necessary supplies for changes in weather or other conditions. A well executed trip is a satisfaction to you, and not a burden to others.

Have you checked your bike is in good working order? When was the last time you had your bike serviced?


Hire bikes (including e-MTB), bike parts and bike services are available at these local Bright bike shops:

2 / Become a Mystic Park member

Buy your Mystic Membership via Hivepass App


Get to know the park’s etiquette and safety information:

Code of Conduct
Membership Agreement

Check the Mystic Park Facebook Page Stories for notifications of any trail and park closures

3 / Have the latest trail info in your pocket

Install Trailforks App on your mobile. 

Download an offline copy of the Mystic Mountain Bike Park trail map.

Plan your route. Respect the trail builders and ride on open, defined trails only. 

Don't know where to start? Ride our recommended itineraries and climbing routes (yellow routes on the trail map)

Check Trailforks for trail  status closures or warnings.

4 / Insure yourself

The risk of injury increases with the speed at which you ride, the height at which you jump, and the level of difficulty of the trail. You are responsible for your safety 


We highly recommend the following insurance before you start riding:

  • Personal accident insurance, including ambulance reimbursement, is available through AusCycling

    This insurance covers you for incidents that occur while riding your bike and race and recreational cover is available.

  • If you don't have AusCycling Insurance, ambulance cover is a worthwhile minimum.

    The hospital in Bright is unable to treat major injuries and patients are transferred to Wangaratta via ambulance or to Melbourne via helicopter.

    Victorian ambulance fees are generally higher than in other States and Territories.

    Ambulance cover is affordable and covers you for any ambulance trip in Australia.

5 / Have you got all your services booked?


If you don't feel like pedaling uphill, hire an e-MTB or book a spot on the uplift shuttle.


While you're in Bright, upgrade your riding skills with a private or group lesson taught by local MTB coaches. These folks also offer tours so if you don't have much time in Bright and want to hit the good stuff ASAP, organise a guided tour of Mystic Park. 

6 / What's the weather doing?

Check the BOM for Bright weather forecast so you can dress accordingly. Carry water with you, especially on hot days. Water taps available at the shuttle pickup carpark toilet block or Pioneer Park toilet block. Bring wet weather gear for rainy days. 

At times when extreme weather is expected, check the VicEmergency (lookup Bright 3741) for total fire bans and current bushfire/flood advice. 

Access to the park is closed on day of Total Fire Ban or when extreme weather is forecast such as gale force winds, hail storms, flooding or snow. Mystic Park always post news on trail and park closures on Facebook Page Stories first.

dAM tRACK.jpg

While you are riding

1 / Follow the Code of Conduct

Mystic Park is unique and unlike other MTB parks in Australia: it's located within an active regenerative pine plantation run by HVP Plantations with daily forest activities and operations.

[Video]: Make sure you stay  safe and clear of forest worksites

Some of these activities are highly visible like harvesting and log haulage and easily avoided, but other operations are not as visible: site preparation, sampling, thinning, road maintenance and fertilising. Areas where these activities are happening are closed to ensure the safety of both the work crew and recreational users. Please observe all signs and remember it's never safe to cross a work zone. 

Therefore even though you have ridden at other MTB parks before, please familiarise yourself with the our Code of Conduct before entering Mystic Park.

2 / Start off easy

Warm up on the flatter, twisty riverside trails before gaining altitude on the up tracks and sending it as fast as you dare on the way back down.

3 / Mobile phone battery is charged

So you can:

  • Show your digital membership card on Hivepass (screenshots not accepted) 

  • Use Trailforks for trail maps and condition status

  • Call 000 for emergency assistance 

4/ Submit Trail Report

You can submit trail reports using Trailforks App.

Examples of trail reports:

  • tree down across a trail

  • feature that needs maintenance

  • overgrown vegetation

Take a photo of the problem with your phone's camera and attach it with your report. 

If you submit a report on the trail, your location will be saved with the report.

If you take a photo with GPS data and add a report later, the report will extract the location from the photo making it possible to snap a quick photo on a ride, and submit reports after.

To create a report, click on a trail on the map to highlight it, then press the yellow "+" button on the map and choose "Write Report". This will pre-populate the selected trail in the report form. 

Also to help give more context when adding a report, the trails most recent report is shown at the bottom of the form (so if the problem has already been reported, you may not have to resubmit it).

The park crew get instantly notified when a new Trailforks report is submitted. 

5/ Emergency events

For life threatening, fire, person injured or lost person events, call 000.

Emergency markers are located throughout Mystic Park, identifying your position to emergency services. The Mystic Park trail map also indicates where the emergency markers are placed. The green markers start with the abbreviations MYS. Call 000 and quote the number on your nearest marker.

Trailforks has an ‘Emergency Info’ button that shows your current longitude and latitude location. 

Not an emergency event but still need help? The closest Medical services are in town.


After riding

1 / Hit the town

Show off your Mystic Membership on the Hivepass app at local businesses to get deals and discounts. As of Apr 2022, 12 different local businesses are offering specials for Mystic members. 

2 / Show off your day

Post your photos on social media and tag us #mystictmb on Facebook and Instagram.

3 / Don't you forget about me

Take home Mystic Park merchandise, only available for purchase at local Bright businesses.

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