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Shuttling at Mystic Park

Many of Mystic Park trails are easily accessible from the trailhead on Coronation Avenue. Check out the recommended Climbing Trails to earn your turns. 

For those that prefer to be driven up to the various trail drop-off locations, shuttle services may be booked through commercial shuttle operator Blue Dirt

As of 24/10/2022 private vehicle entry self-shuttle has stopped in order to reduce vehicle traffic and increase safety for riders. 

Uplift Shuttle Service

All bike shuttling will be provided by Blue Dirt, now operating 7 days per week.

They offer a range of different booking options such as single day passes, multi-day passes and season passes.

Single uplifts are walk-in only  (no pre-booking) and subject to availability on the day. Grab your pass from the driver at the pick up area. 

The Blue Dirt Shuttles pick up from the Mystic Flight Park just off Morses Creek Road.

*** All riders must have a Mystic Park membership to access and use the park. You will need to purchase a shuttle membership, in addition to your shuttle ticket. Drivers won't let you on without seeing your active Hivepass Digital Membership Card ***

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