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Upgrades and Future Plans

New MTB trails, shuttle road and trailhead upgrades for Mystic Park 

Expected completion April 2024


Pioneer Park Trailhead Upgrades

🌟 Improved Sense of Arrival:

New iconic Mystic ‘M’ sign to provide a clearer entry point into Mystic Park and a distinctive destination to meetup with friends and family. 

🚗 Increased Safety on Roads:

Reducing vehicle and bike interaction with a new fencing along the car park to eliminate the road crossing point on Coronation Avenue. The fence will encourage park users to use Doherty’s Bridge underpass to go between the trailhead/car park and mountain bike trails. 

🚴‍♂️ Improved Access from Trailhead:
Doherty’s Bridge trail will be asphalt sealed and gradient made easier to link riders between trailhead, mountain bike trails, new shuttle pickup location and Bennetts Trail (Bright to Wandiligong). 


🚧 Enhanced Car Park Safety:
New 2m wide sealed path around car park to link riders between Mystic Park and town (via Pioneer Park). New one way in / one way out vehicle entry point will assist in car park functionality and safety. 


New Morses Creek MTB Trails

🌟 1.2km (600m each way) of new MTB trails are getting built. Trails starting at Pioneer Park car park, going under Doherty’s Bridge via underpass through to Fiveways along Morses Creek:


  • Trail 1: New flow trail from Fiveways to new shuttle access point using Flying Solo

  • Trail 2: New climbing trail from new shuttle access point to Fiveways

  • Trail 3: Fixing up the current climbing trail from the new shuttle access point to the car park/Pioneer Park trailhead.

  • Trail 4: Fixing up the existing flow trail from carpark/Pioneer Park trailhead to the new shuttle access point. 


New Shuttle Access Point

🚌 New Location for Shuttle Pickup:
The shuttle pickup location will be moved from Mystic Flight Park carpark to White Star Road (between Morses Creek and Camp Crusty).


This will be the only pickup location for up-lift MTB shuttles. 

🏞️ Riverside Amenities:
Placing the shuttle area adjacent to Morses Creek allows riders to have a relaxing and scenic riverside area between runs.

Grassy areas under trees will be cleaned up to provide more shady rest zones and informal meeting spaces. 


Water access will be provided at the new shuttle access point. 


New Internal Shuttle Road

🚌 Eliminating Local Road Issues:
For a quieter and safer experience for local residents, a new internal shuttle access road will be created to keep shuttle traffic inside the park. 

🌟 New Shuttle Route:
The new shuttle route will use internal park roads: White Star Road, Robinson Road and Huggins Road - eliminating shuttle traffic along existing residential roads (particularly Mystic Lane) 

🚧 Trail Improvements:
At the Fiveways intersection, a new culvert will be built under the new shuttle road. The culvert will act as a bike underpass to eliminate points of conflict between riders and shuttles. 

🚗 Road Improvements:
The upgraded road will be sealed for 1km from the new shuttling pickup point, to reduce dust and improve safety for users of the park.

seocndary access 2.png


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