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Spartan Race will hit up Bright for a fifth year this Fenruary, with event trail and road closures in place for what promises to be the best Spartan to date.

About 3000 Spartans will compete on the steep slopes of Mystic over one dayy, which includes the Ultra race: 50km obstacle course that summits Mystic twice. Event closures will be in place over the Saturday, with restrictions on trail access and vehicle access inside the park.

Vehicle Access

Mystic will be closed to general vehicles on Saturday 12 and open Sunday 13 February 2022. Traffic Control will be in place on Coronation Ave.

Access inside the park will be ride or walk-in only. Riders, please note the normal climbing trail route will be impacted by closures, meaning the road will be the only available up access point on the lower slopes of the park. Riders may want to consider riding up via Bakers Gully.

Trail Closures + Access

Trail closures will differ over Saturday and Sunday. For your safety, and the safety of event participants, please do not enter any trail within the closed sections on the two maps below. For those looking for alternative places to ride on Spartan weekend, we can recommend the trails at nearby Dinner Plain or Big Hill in Mount Beauty.

Trail Closures - Saturday 12 January 2022 - Ride in access only


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